Friday afternoon dance tune: Rock Your Baby

Last week I inadvertently started a new weekly series on this blog: Friday afternoon dance tune.

I won’t be posting any of the usual dance suspects, i.e. anything produced by Instead, I’ll feature a “lesser-known” song from music’s past to get your hips shaking and ready to boogie for the weekend.

This week’s song is George McCrae’s excellent early disco track: Rock Your Baby.

Interesting song facts:

For more info on George McCrae, please visit his official website:

There’s nothin’ to it. Just say you wanna do it.  Open up your heart and let the lovin’ start.                                                                                                                                   



2 thoughts on “Friday afternoon dance tune: Rock Your Baby

  1. Wow Sarah! What a “blast from the past”! I’d never seen the music video before. Thanks for sharing! Also visited your vinyl collection on Vimeo. Nice collection, nice video! So, I’m curious: how did you come to love rock’n roll so much?

    • Thank you Michèle. I’ve been obsessed with rock and roll since my youth. Back to the Future, La Bamba, Great Balls of Fire, American Graffiti… all those movies influenced me tremendously. I guess I’m just an “old soul” 🙂

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