Best albums of 2012

As 2012 comes to an end, I thought I’d take a look back at some of my favourite albums of the year. I used to have a hard time narrowing my list down to a top 10, but in recent years I’ve had an even harder time picking three new releases that blew me away. I don’t particularly buy “new” albums as I usually prefer to venture into past recordings that I might’ve missed out on. However, 2012 was a great year for music and I found myself buying more new releases than I had in the past five years. Here are my five favourite albums of the past year. Admittedly, none of them are by a new artist, but you can’t change a girl overnight!

1.  Bruce Springsteen: Wrecking Ball

_MG_0385It should come as no surprise to anyone who follows this blog that Springsteen’s 17th album made it to the top of my list. It is a truly fantastic album and contains some of the best material Bruce has written in recent years. It’s as strong of an album as The Rising, and much like it’s predecessor, it will stand the test of time.

You can read my detailed review here.

2. Dr. John: Locked Down

_MG_0405 Being a fan of both the “Night Tripper” and the Black Keys, I was thrilled to discover Dan Auerbach (Black Keys’ frontman) was producing the latest Dr. John album.  Auerbach did a great job at putting together a groovy, funky and bluesy album that is worthy of cult status.

You can read my detailed review here.

3. Patti Smith: Banga_MG_0414

I was so happy to find out Patti Smith was releasing a new album in 2012 because I had just finished reading her memoir Just Kids and was in desperate need of new Patti music. This album was intensely captivating and definitely one of her finest along with Horses and  Easter. It even includes all the usual suspects of a classic Smith record: ghosts of artists’ past, dedications and elegies, religious motifs and a mammoth improvised piece.

You can read my detailed review here.

4. Jack White: Blunderbuss


Jack White is pretty much seen as the lord and saviour of rock and roll in the 21st century and his first solo album is a perfect testament to his greatness. He effortlessly incorporates elements of rock, folk, country and blues into his music giving it both a rootsy and fresh feel.

You can read my detailed review here.

5. Bob Dylan: Tempest


This isn’t just a new Dylan album; it is THE Dylan album of the 21st century! At 71 years old,  he’s very much aware of his own mortality and injects death-related imagery throughout the record with his masterful storytelling. You’d expect nothing else from rock’s best lyricist. The music is also pretty engaging, with loads of pre-rock elements: Tin Pan Alley, blues, country, jazz, folk.

I wish you all a very happy new year, filled with love, health, wealth and plenty of good music!!!




3 thoughts on “Best albums of 2012

    • Great minds think alike! Too bad I don’t understand Portuguese because your blog seems really interesting. One thing’s for sure though: great music is a universal language. You don’t need to understand it, you just have to feel it.

      • “Great minds think alike!” Vivas for us!
        unfortunately I could not buy all in LP format
        Thank you for your interest, Leave a recommendation!


        Great job!

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